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Dog Runs and Pet Turf

 Perfect Turf Calgary and Vancouver


Perfect Turf synthetic grass is dog-friendly and the perfect solution for dog yards. Our artificial grass for dogs is preferred by home owners, kennel owners and their dogs over natural grass, dirt, mulch, cement or pea gravel. A Perfect Turf synthetic dog run requires very little maintenance, no mowing, no watering and no fertilizing and means you won't have to deal with dead spots or torn up yards from your pets running, playing or digging.

Our K9 Pro X turf has DuraFlo backing which is 100% recyclable and up to 50% more permeable than other providers' pet turf. This means our product drains waste faster and more evenly, ridding your lawn of pet smells, while providing the same characteristics as natural grass. 

Why not have an Artificial Turf that both you and your dog will love? Perfect Turf gives dog owners the chance to have a well-manicured lawn while keeping their dogs happy on a large green space. Our synthetic turf will keep your pets clean, which means no more mud or other outside debris coming inside the house.

We even provide special infill for pet projects like dog kennels and doggy daycares to help keep pets safe and clean.  


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