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No mowing. No water. Imagine a lawn that looks beautiful year-round. No need to worry about fertilizer, pest or weed-control. We offer solutions for families, pets, businesses, events, golfers, roof-tops, sports complexes, playgrounds and daycares. Our turf is expected to last for 20 years; and often lasts longer. Interested?

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Perfect Turf cares about the environment and your safety. We use products that are made from recycled materials and are a great solution for grass-allergy sufferers. Your turf won't need chemicals or fertilizers to stay green, meaning less harmful products entering the environment and a safer play area for your family and pets.

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When you work with Perfect Turf, you benefit from our quality, reliability and dependability. We work towards complete customer satisfaction and use only the best turf in the industry. Our turf is North American made and backed by a ten-year product and install warranty. We take massive pride in our work and the relationship we build with our clients.

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Perfect Turf is the leading synthetic turf brand in Western Canada and one of the oldest, most established artificial turf companies in Canada. Our Calgary and Vancouver teams have a combined 40 years experience and have helped train artificial turf installers across Canada. You will not find more experienced installation teams in Alberta or British Columbia.

Our sales and installation teams have installed thousands of synthetic grass projects, while prioritizing superior installations and excellent customer service.

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Perfect Turf has been hand-picked to be an exclusive Celebrity Greens partner, which means we are able to evolve and bring our customers the best service and products in the industry. This partnership separates Perfect Turf from all the other players in BC and Alberta.

"Anyone can put down fake turf and call it a putting green. But if you want a golf green that not only putts true, but also gives you real-grass performance when practicing chips, pitches and bunker shots, the only company to call is Celebrity Greens! I designed my backyard green complex and Celebrity Greens built it perfectly in just 2 days. Just amazing!"

- Peter Kostis, CBS Golf Analyst

"I truly believe that it replicates what I get on tour week in week out, and the way the ball reacts on the green is paramount. It’s the softest green that I’ve ever been on. All I know is I’ve got an authentic roll — a very true roll. There’s no skidding, there’s no side spin — the ball rolls incredibly true. I’m so happy with it because of the multiple aspects. This is an area that my entire family gets to use. Celebrity Greens exceeded my expectations on this entire project. Amazing!"

— Paul Casey, Top 25 PGA Tour Player

"This is the best green that I have ever had or ever seen! It rolls true, accepts pitch shots realistically, and looks fantastic. Celebrity Greens has an amazing team — what a great experience working with them!"

— Hank Haney, World Renowned Golf Instructor, Author, Television Analyst



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